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Green Apple Syrup

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Green Apple Syrup - GAJ

Model: GAJ
Green Apple Syrup
Green Apple Flavor Conc. Juice is bring-green colored, the drinks made with it are green with semi-transparency, it is very pretty and is one of the most popular drink. There is another
similar kind of syrup, yellow apple syrup. 
It's also the ingredeint for rainbow colored smoothie, the green layer, it tastes sour-sweet, with refreshing feeling which is good for drink in summer times to cool you off.
Green Apple Flavor Conc. Juice is made from fruit juice, suitable for various kinds of drinks and tea beverages, this product is supposed to be dilluted with water or tea before use.
Fruity Tea and flavored milk tea series are welcomed to use this product, and if massive purchase and customization are required, we are able to adjust the sweetness, color and density,
please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.  
Packing Specification 
2.5KG * 6 bottles
5KG * 4 bottles
20KG per barrel

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Green Apple Syrup

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