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Watermelon Juice Concentrate

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Watermelon  Juice Concentrate - WCJ

Model: WCJ
Watermelon Juice Concentrate
Watermelon Flavor Conc. Juice is one of the special products. The drink stands in Taiwan often offer freshly-made watermelon juice, taste was good and our Watermelon Flavor Conc. Juice is made to 
provide this kind of refreshing into bubble tea drinks. The drink made with this syrup is sweet yet but not too much, good with milk as watermelon milk, one of the most famous night market drinks, 
suggested to add ice cubes for better tasting. 
Watermelon Conc. Juice is made from fruit juice, suitable for various kinds of drinks and tea beverages, this product is supposed to be diluted with water or tea before use.
Fruity Tea and flavored milk tea series are welcomed to use this product, and if massive purchase and customization are required, we are able to adjust the sweetness, color and density.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.  
Packing Specification: 
2.5KG * 6 bottles
5KG * 4 bottles
20KG per barrel

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Watermelon Juice Concentrate

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